digital innovation
Transform your future with Millertech: digital innovation at the service of businesses


digital innovation

To harness the opportunities presented by digital transformation, Miller has established Millertech, a dedicated business unit committed to assisting companies in enhancing their competitiveness through the integration of innovation, technological expertise, and cutting-edge solutions.

As a single point of contact, we provide support in defining technological strategies and implementing advanced infrastructure solutions. This includes web marketing, cybersecurity, cloud computing, software development, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

With Millertech, companies can confidently partner with a reliable and capable ally to navigate the challenges of digital transformation, ensuring long-lasting competitive advantages.


technology consulting

Our technology consulting helps companies develop effective IT strategies and adopt innovative solutions to optimize business operations. Our expert consultants analyze the specific needs of each customer and offer customized solutions to improve efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

We are leaders in the digital transformation of businesses, providing comprehensive services to adapt to the ever-changing digital age. We help companies implement cutting-edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology, to improve operational efficiency, customer experience and market competitiveness. With Artificial Intelligence, we can develop intelligent systems that automate complex processes and improve data analytics. Blockchain technology, on the other hand, ensures the security, transparency and integrity of digital transactions, opening up new opportunities for information reliability and traceability.


digital transformation


software development

Our experience in custom software development allows us to offer innovative and customized software solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer. We develop web, mobile and desktop applications, using the latest technologies and development methodologies, including Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology, ensuring the quality, reliability and scalability of solutions.

Our managed IT services allow companies to focus on their core business, entrusting us with the management and monitoring of IT infrastructures. We offer technical support, proactive monitoring, security management and data backup services, ensuring business continuity and protecting business information.




CLOUD backup service

We offer advanced cloud computing services to enable businesses to manage and store their data safely and efficiently. With our cloud, businesses can access data and applications from any device and anywhere, ensuring flexibility and collaboration across teams. In the context of the cloud, we also offer off-site backup services to ensure the protection of corporate data in the event of an incident or loss. Our offsite backup services ensure secure data duplication in an external location, providing additional protection against data loss.

In addition, we provide hosting services for websites, allowing companies to have a reliable and performing online presence. With our hosting services, we guarantee the speed of site loading, data security and constant availability of web pages. For companies using Google Workspace or Office365, we also offer dedicated backup services to ensure the protection of business data in productivity suites.

With our backup services for Google Workspace and Office365, businesses can rest assured that their data will always be protected and resettable if needed.


Tech Integrator


Managed & Security Services


HubSpot Certified

In marketing automation we boast Hubspot Certifications for email marketing, content marketing, sales and marketing.