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Miller Group, a business consultancy company based in Carpiano (MI), for its division specialized in workplace safety, is looking for a figure to include in its staff (full time) in technical consultancy activities and assumption of an HSE Manager.


The resource will manage a client package, for which he will have to assume the role of RSPP and carry out the related ones

obligations required by current legislation and existing contracts:

  • annual expenditure foreseen by the contract
  • processing/updating DVR and other security documentation
  • periodic meetings
  • evacuation drills
  • contractor management
  • various and possible


The resource will also have to hold training courses in accordance with 81/08 for the company’s customers.

Permanent employment is expected.

The path also includes participation in training and specialization courses in the health and safety field and a professional growth path.


  • knowledge of Legislative Decree 81/08
  • autonomy in the management of RSPP tasks
  • training and communication skills
  • Organizational and management skills
  • qualification to teach in the field of health and safety at work


  • age not exceeding 40 years
  • RSPP qualification for all ATECO sectors
  • qualification to teach in the field of health and safety at work
  • passion and interest towards the subject
  • desire for professional growth
  • propensity for team work
  • methodical and proactive approach
  • excellent knowledge of the Office package
  • orientation towards service quality
  • car availability to travel and short trips within the national territory



The following requirements will be considered preferential:

  • at least two years of experience in the activity covered by the application
  • previous experience in environmental consultancy
  • previous experience in consultancy in the shipbuilding and construction sectors
  • previous experience in quality and management systems
  • previous experience in specific assessments


For those interested, please send CV and cover letter to:

Millertech, the technology division of Miller Group, is looking for System Administrators to join their team.


Recent graduates and undergraduates in computer science, computer engineering, or STEM disciplines Sensitivity to cybersecurity, privacy, and professional ethics Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server and Linux operating systems Good understanding of networking and VLAN management Good knowledge of firewall devices (Zywall, SonicWall, Watchguard, PfSense) Good knowledge of cloud environments with IaaS and PaaS services, especially in Azure and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Proficiency in scripting languages such as PowerShell and Bash Knowledge of SQL Server, MySQL, and relational database administration Familiarity with servers like IIS and Tomcat Familiarity with operating systems like Kali Linux, Android, iOS is a plus

Required Soft Skills:

Goal-oriented work with passion Ability to work in a dynamic team environment Problem-solving attitude Precision and meeting deadlines Good knowledge of the English language Willingness to take on challenges outside of one’s comfort zone Autonomy and proactivity Curiosity, proactivity, passion, and teamwork skills


You will have the opportunity to contribute to corporate transformation projects, improving efficiency and reengineering internal processes through the adoption of innovative technologies. You can express your innovative ideas and gain experience in cybersecurity through consulting projects.

If you believe you have the necessary skills and passion, please send your resume and a cover letter explaining why you are the right fit for this position.

We look forward to meeting you and discovering how you can contribute to our success.

If you believe you possess the qualities and skills required to excel in this role, we invite you to send your resume to

We are looking for a specialized professional to provide services to businesses, to be employed (full-time) within the accounting department at our Carpiano office.

The candidate will be part of a team of professionals and accounting resources, and their role will involve managing clients’ accounts and performing all accounting data entry operations.


• Bachelor’s degree in economics or law or a degree in accountancy • Knowledge of maintaining ordinary/simple accounting • Familiarity with daily double-entry accounting records, as well as adjustment and closing balance entries • Monthly/quarterly VAT settlements • F24 form processing • General tax and accounting compliance up to the preparation of financial statements • General tax compliance • Updating accounting books • Good knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite • Proficiency in ZUCCHETTI or BLUENEXT software • A strong inclination for professional growth and client management autonomy

Desirable Qualities:

• Teamwork orientation • Methodical approach • Excellent communication skills • Willingness to interact with clients • Strong organizational and managerial skills

Preferred Qualifications:

• 3 years of experience in the relevant field, preferably in a chartered accountant’s office or a structured company.

The job classification and the corresponding salary will be negotiated based on the level of experience of the selected candidate.

If you are interested, please send your CV and a cover letter to the following email address:

Miller Group is seeking an experienced certified public accountant to join our team of consultants.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in accounting and tax, advanced technical skills, and significant experience in the field.


Manage general accounting, financial transaction recording, and the preparation of company financial statements, including drafting financial documents. Prepare income tax returns, calculate taxes, and ensure the company complies with current tax regulations. Provide tax consulting and strategic planning to maximize the company’s tax efficiency and savings opportunities. Monitor and analyze cash flows, provide financial forecasts, and offer strategies to improve financial management. Collaborate with the consultant team to provide accounting and tax support to clients. Stay updated on tax laws and regulations to ensure ongoing compliance. Respond to client inquiries and provide professional accounting and personalized financial advice.


Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Accounting, Finance, or an equivalent qualification.

Professional certification as a Certified Public Accountant.

Proven experience of at least 5 years as a CPA or in a similar role within a consulting firm.

In-depth knowledge of tax laws and regulations.

Proficiency in accounting and tax software.

Excellent computer skills, especially in spreadsheet applications.

Ability to work independently and manage a high workload.

Outstanding communication skills and teamwork ability.

Attention to detail and accuracy in accounting operations.

Client-oriented and capable of delivering high-quality customer service.

Required Soft Skills:

Goal-oriented and passionate. Teamwork orientation in a dynamic environment. Problem-solving attitude. Precision and adherence to deadlines. Autonomy, curiosity, proactivity, and passion.


In addition to the core responsibilities, the selected candidate will have the opportunity to grow professionally and assume a leadership role within the company.

Depending on skills, experience, and performance, career prospects include:

Leading a dedicated team: During the journey, there will be the chance to take on the responsibility of coordinating and managing your own team. You will oversee and support the team’s work, sharing your knowledge and skills to ensure excellent service for clients.

Opening new branches: If the company decides to expand by opening new offices or branches, the selected CPA may have the opportunity to manage one of these locations. You will be responsible for the development and management of accounting and tax operations in the new branch, collaborating with management to align with company strategies and maintain the highest professional standards.

Participation in corporate strategy: The CPA will have the opportunity to actively contribute to defining the company’s strategy, participating in key decisions and providing input to support growth and organizational development.

Training and professional development: The company is committed to providing continuous support for the professional development of its employees. Training opportunities will be offered in both regulatory and technological aspects.

We are dedicated to investing in the growth of our employees and providing a stimulating and rewarding work environment. You are invited to join our team to create a successful future and professional fulfillment together.

Millertech, the technological division of the Miller Group, is looking for Cybersecurity Specialists to join their team.


Bachelor’s degree or students majoring in computer science, computer engineering, or STEM disciplines Sensitivity to cybersecurity and privacy issues Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server and Linux operating systems Good understanding of networking and VLAN management Good knowledge of firewall devices (Zywall, SonicWall, Watchguard, PfSense) Good knowledge of cloud environments with their IaaS and PaaS services, especially in Azure and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Proficiency in scripting languages such as PowerShell and Bash Knowledge of SQL Server, MySQL, and basics of relational database administration Knowledge of web server environments like IIS and Tomcat Desirable knowledge of one or more of the following languages or technologies: C# and .NET framework, Kotlin/Java, Swift, Python Desirable knowledge of one or more of the following operating systems: Kali Linux or other distributions, Android, iOS Desirable familiarity with general concepts of secure development lifecycle in terms of processes and tools, e.g., OWASP Threat Dragon, SAST, DAST, etc.

Required Soft Skills:

Goal-oriented and passionate about your work Teamwork orientation in a dynamic environment Problem-solving attitude Precision and adherence to deadlines Autonomy, curiosity, proactivity, and passion


You will be part of business transformation projects that involve streamlining and reengineering internal processes and adopting innovative technologies. This path will allow you to unleash your creative ideas and make the innovative contribution you’ve always desired. You will be involved in consulting projects and gain experience in Cybersecurity. You will help our clients explore new business opportunities, mainly focusing on:

Conducting Cybersecurity Risk Assessments and Ethical Hacking to identify the main weaknesses in Information Security Management Systems and the corresponding remedial actions. Defining and updating the Cybersecurity strategy in line with business goals and major market trends and implementing multi-year Cybersecurity transformation programs. Reviewing Cybersecurity operational models, considering organizational, procedural, and technological aspects. Ensuring compliance with national and international standards, certifications, and regulations in Cybersecurity and Privacy. Ensuring adherence to security-by-design and security-by-default principles in development projects or the adoption of technological solutions. Selecting, designing, and implementing technological solutions in Identity and Access Management, Data Security, and Endpoint Detection and Response. Ensuring the proper management of crises and business process continuity in the event of cybersecurity incidents.

The position offers a significant career path.

We are looking for a candidate to join our team for administrative back office and data entry activities (full time) within the occupational health and safety area at our Carpiano (MI) office.

Project Description

There will be an initial period during which the candidate will familiarize themselves with daily work, working alongside our consultants in occupational medicine activities.

The objective of this initial phase is to understand the various company dynamics, deepen knowledge of current regulations (Legislative Decree 81/08 and related legislation), and gain mastery of the main working tools.

At the end of the first period, the candidate will start data entry activities to support their account colleagues.

Primary Responsibilities

Managing the corporate occupational health platform (creating/modifying records, entering appointments, and generating fitness judgments in preparation for the medical examination, uploading fitness judgments for the task, imports, and various alignments) Managing clients’ management platforms (entering fitness judgments, updating deadlines) Administrative document management and digital archive updates


Age not exceeding 30 years Knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite and general familiarity with management applications

Preferred Requirement

Previous experience in organizational management in health surveillance Residence/domicile in the Carpiano vicinity


Initially, there will be a six-month training internship.

For those interested, please send your CV and cover letter to the following address:

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